Major Triad Cards


Piano Safari Major Triads are designed to correlate with the triads introduced in Piano Safari Levels 2 and 3. They may be used in private lessons or in group classes to reinforce the names of major triads in root position. This purchase is for a license that grants permission to duplicate within a studio or school.

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Ideas for using the Major Triad cards include:

  • Show the student a card. The student names the triad, “C Major,” and plays it in the correct octave.
  • Show the student a card. The student names the triad and says the name of each note in the triad from lowest to highest, “C Major, C E G.”
  • After playing and naming a triad, the student copies it onto staff paper.
  • The student matches the cards in the treble and bass clefs. For example, C Major treble clef and C Major bass clef match.
  • Set four cards out on the music rack for the student to play in a row.

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