What is Piano Safari?

Piano Safari is a method series for preschoolers, (ages 4-6) average age students (ages 6-10) and older students (teens and adults). The materials start at the beginning level and take students through the early intermediate stage of study. For students beyond that point, Piano Safari also offers supplemental materials for late intermediate and advanced pianists.

Katherine Fisher and Dr. Julie Knerr Hague combined decades of experience and a variety of teaching and pedagogical research into effective and inspiring material for students.

Piano Safari also provides piano teachers with a robust library of guides and resources.

For further instruction on how to teach the method, the Piano Safari Pedagogy Institute offers courses taught by the authors. Live (on Zoom) and prerecorded formats are available.

Katherine Fisher speaking at Piano Safari workshop in Belfast.

How does it work?

Compared to other methods, Piano Safari progresses deliberately in terms of reading yet quickly in terms of playing. This is accomplished through the introduction of more advanced Rote Pieces alongside a separate body of Reading Pieces. This builds foundational skills while developing a strong ear, technique, and understanding of pattern and form in the student.

By design, certain parts of Piano Safari work well with other teaching methods, specifically the Rote Pieces. The Piano Safari Pattern Pieces books, with their companion audio tracks, were designed for just this purpose. They contain the Rote Pieces from Piano Safari Repertoire Books 1 and 2.

Piano Safari also works with group classes. We encourage teachers to study our resources and materials, and adapt our pedagogical ideas for their specific group of children.

Have a specific question? We may have an answer for you on our Piano Safari frequently asked questions page.

Dr. Julie Knerr speaking at Piano Safari workshop in Belfast

Getting started

Our Piano Safari Method products page will tell you what goes into the program and which products are appropriate.

Very young children (ages 4-6) begin with Piano Safari Friends.

Children between the ages of 6-10 generally start with Piano Safari Level 1 materials, such as the Level 1 Pack.

Students 10 and up, including teens and adults, will start with the Piano Safari for the Older Student Level 1 Pack.

Browse sample pages from the core Piano Safari Method here.

We also offer a range of products beyond our core Method, including:

Thank you for your interest in Piano Safari!